Cafè Racer is a series that elevates the love for motorcycles to life philosophy. A TV show that introduces you to Cafè Twin, a very peculiar garage. Because Cafè Twin is not only a mechanical workshop: it is also a salon and tailor’s shop in which Bruno and Fausto welcome their guests, talk with them and… understand what bike they need in order to find again their grit and rejuvenate their lives!

Each episode’s guest is welcomed and encouraged to open up and tell his or her story: that’s how Bruno and Fausto will be able to research, craft, customise, and tune up the perfect bike!

Just like that, in the capable hands of the garage’s owners, junk and scrap metal is renovated and gets back to riding the asphalt, with unique and fierce style. And yet, Cafè Racer is not just about customisation: at its core there’s the “philosophy of the motorcycle”! The bike is just a starting point, a spark to change one’s life, the translation of character into object, a detail to flaunt… Just like your favourite leather jacket!

Cafè Racer. A De Agostini Production,